Tuesday, January 10, 2012


a few notes i made and read today. i am alone in my house and actually enjoyed it :)

i made a mini-bucket list for 2012. i guess these are things i wish i could do right now. i am really into making this year count (since its my 30th) so i know i'll be coercing myself to cross out at least half of the must-dos. the second note is a note i found recently in an old purse (along with Php 1,000-yay!). it was a note attached to a big bouquet of flowers sent to me by the frenchie when we turned one year. really made me smile. now i have something to look at everytime he is annoying! hahaha :)

aaand for my lunch/dinner (my "lunner"?): i absolutely enjoyed eating this wrap made of lettuce-cucumber with feta cheese wrapped in whole wheat pita bread. so healthy but so delish!! 

happy tuesday, everyone xox

Sunday, January 8, 2012


my version.
his version.
pasta with tuna, pesto and cream. simple.
i had such a chill weekend. between celebrating my frenchie's bday and playing ps3 with the girls, to watching defending the caveman and finally making some pasta for dinner, i know my official holiday has well, officially ended and it's back to work mode once more. new year's has always been daunting and dreadful to me because there i find the pressure of starting over and doing better than the last. but looking at it positively, i have no choice anyway so might as well ride it. maybe this is what all my girlfriends in their 30somethings have been telling me about---turning 30 aint so bad after all. i guess i feel... more daring? more gutsy? i am about to do my mini-bucket list for this year and will surely post it so i can put a bit of pressure on myself hehehehe :) happy monday, everyone!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

yellow lilies and mojito sunsets. . .

HELLO 2012!
2011 was a challenging year for me, as it was for a lot others i know. true to form, 2011 was not about to end without a few more interesting events, from my best friend's wedding to my new years in boracay. i'll let the photos tell the story:

jaz's pre-wedding dress dress
yellow flowers all over. . .

the boy with the tattoo.
here comes the bride.
for life.
boracay's beautiful sunset.
an hour-long sky show. amazing.
clock strikes 12, give me a kiss.
lets own 2012, ladies!
i had such a busy yet fun ending to 2011. change brings us to where we are now and i am the most grateful. i spent the end of the year with my bestest friends and some new friends as well. i am feeling optimistic about 2012 and as i declared it to the cosmos, this will be the year of changes, life-changing decisions and risk-taking. so let's grab 2012 by the balls and make it our year!! cheers everyone :)