Sunday, January 8, 2012


my version.
his version.
pasta with tuna, pesto and cream. simple.
i had such a chill weekend. between celebrating my frenchie's bday and playing ps3 with the girls, to watching defending the caveman and finally making some pasta for dinner, i know my official holiday has well, officially ended and it's back to work mode once more. new year's has always been daunting and dreadful to me because there i find the pressure of starting over and doing better than the last. but looking at it positively, i have no choice anyway so might as well ride it. maybe this is what all my girlfriends in their 30somethings have been telling me about---turning 30 aint so bad after all. i guess i feel... more daring? more gutsy? i am about to do my mini-bucket list for this year and will surely post it so i can put a bit of pressure on myself hehehehe :) happy monday, everyone!

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