Wednesday, January 4, 2012

yellow lilies and mojito sunsets. . .

HELLO 2012!
2011 was a challenging year for me, as it was for a lot others i know. true to form, 2011 was not about to end without a few more interesting events, from my best friend's wedding to my new years in boracay. i'll let the photos tell the story:

jaz's pre-wedding dress dress
yellow flowers all over. . .

the boy with the tattoo.
here comes the bride.
for life.
boracay's beautiful sunset.
an hour-long sky show. amazing.
clock strikes 12, give me a kiss.
lets own 2012, ladies!
i had such a busy yet fun ending to 2011. change brings us to where we are now and i am the most grateful. i spent the end of the year with my bestest friends and some new friends as well. i am feeling optimistic about 2012 and as i declared it to the cosmos, this will be the year of changes, life-changing decisions and risk-taking. so let's grab 2012 by the balls and make it our year!! cheers everyone :)

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