Tuesday, January 10, 2012


a few notes i made and read today. i am alone in my house and actually enjoyed it :)

i made a mini-bucket list for 2012. i guess these are things i wish i could do right now. i am really into making this year count (since its my 30th) so i know i'll be coercing myself to cross out at least half of the must-dos. the second note is a note i found recently in an old purse (along with Php 1,000-yay!). it was a note attached to a big bouquet of flowers sent to me by the frenchie when we turned one year. really made me smile. now i have something to look at everytime he is annoying! hahaha :)

aaand for my lunch/dinner (my "lunner"?): i absolutely enjoyed eating this wrap made of lettuce-cucumber with feta cheese wrapped in whole wheat pita bread. so healthy but so delish!! 

happy tuesday, everyone xox

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